(Catus: Cat in Latin)

Twenty Years ago, when fast food home delivery service began to grow because the people's lack of time, Catus Pizza used this opportunity to get into the Food Business with one of the most delicious pizza's recipe that you can taste. In this recipe stand out the Dough mainly due to its special way of preparation that makes the differenGato Catus Pizza Restaurantce.
Since the beginning Catus has made a commitment with their customers: give the best service to our customers and improve the quality everyday, this is one of the main guidelines of our Bussines as follows:

Quality of our products, being very demanding when we choose our suppliers asking them always the best quality to prepare their recipes.

Customer Service, in Catus Pizza we care for the customers choosing the suitable personnel to deliver our products and give them the best service.Preparación Pizza

Fast Service, making routes and optimizing the delivery times to knock at the customer's door as soon as possible with our products in the best conditions.

That's the History of How with a lot of effort and dedication Catus Pizza made it through the years, positioning in a privileged place at the local Food market in the city of Concepcion, and now we invite you to taste our Menu of Pizzas and Pasta. And to come to enjoy our cosy bar !


Catus Cocinero
Comida a Domicilio
Catus Motoquero
Pizza a Domicilio
Catus Tenista
Comida China a Domicilio
Catus Skate
Catus Nautico
Catus Ski
Happy Hour
Catus Dancing
Pub Restorant
Catus Reparto
Menu a Domicilio
Catus Gafas
Catus Paracaidista
Reparto de Comida
Catus Volador
Comida a DOmicilio
Catus Pizza
Reparto a Domicilio
Catus Aviador
Catus Enamorado
Catus Huella

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